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We aim to be a leading service provider of security solutions and provide the highest quality security products. When we talk about the vision, mission and values ,we mean every word we say.


As a CCTV Service Provider, we tend to provide full time equipments, installation, maintainance of the product and ensure that it reaches the customers requirement.


We have a team of highly skilled certified technical experts to install quality systems, designed to suit every customer need. We provide and install across Dubai.

About Us

Several years back, our world was a much simpler place with no one worried about what was happening behind their backs. However, with the advent of technology, isolated living places, working couple who leave the elderly or children at home, along with several valuables, security is something that we all need to be concerned about, irrespective of where we are or what we do. Not just this, it has also been made compulsory by several governments across the worlds for commercial establishments facing public places to have CCTV camera installed on their premises to help monitor threats, and solve crimes that occur in that area. Eventually, this rule is going to extend all over the world and every government is going to force people to do their bit. So, it’s not just a convenience, but also a duty to have CCTVs installed in your premises- be it your home or office. We, at Techno Edge Systems LLC are well aware of the reasons why people need CCTVs to be installed and the technicalities behind it as well. We know all there is to know about CCTVs and have the wherewithal to implement that knowledge purposefully. With trained manpower, high quality equipment and a zeal to be the best we can ever be, we are the number one CCTV installation experts in Dubai, UAE. This is evident from the fact that we boast of a client list ranging in the hundreds with most of them being repeat customers. This only goes on to prove that premium service at affordable prices will always keep the customer happy- no matter which vertical we operate in. CCTV Installations, Setup and Maintenance Dubai, HD CCTV DVR and NVR Installation

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