There are a plethora of reasons why the CCTV cameras should be installed at the workplace or at your residence. While the security is the primary reason for making CCTV installations, there is an ample number of benefits which come as a bonus. For example, the businesses with CCTV cameras installed at the workplace are reported to have shown increased employee productivity. Safety of the female employees in the company is another major concern to have the CCTV cameras installed which not only promotes the healthy work atmosphere but is also a step towards encouraging gender equality. In case you aspire to have the CCTV cameras installed in your business or the residential premises, do check out our blog, Different kinds of CCTV Cameras for various uses, which can aid you in making a well-informed decision on the right kind of CCTV camera that suits your requirement.

CCTV Camera installation Dubai

Now that we have a fair idea on which kind of CCTV camera to be used for a wide variety of situations, we’ll now take a deep dive into the various aspects one has to consider before choosing the CCTV cameras. Let’s give you a heads up on this. There is more to the CCTV camera installation than it meets the eye. So, it’s always ideal to talk to a skilled technician before you make up your mind. Here is the list of things you might want to consider all the same.


So, the first things first. The most important aspect before we choose a CCTV camera is the area which is expected to be exposed to the camera. In case the location is a high-security zone, then you might want to have the PTZ cameras installed. Nevertheless, the ideal thing to do is to have the area assessed by the technician and then make up your mind. Day/Night CCTV cameras or the infrared cameras are best suited for lowly lit areas and where nighttime outdoor activities also need to be observed.


At this point, you know the area to be covered and which type of CCTV camera is ideal for the location. Our next step is to identify the strategic location to get the maximum benefit out of CCTV camera installation. Once again, the experienced technicians will be able to help you out here.

Legal Declarations:

It’s not just ethical to inform people about the existence of CCTV cameras especially in public places like stores or offices, but it also has legal implications. Even when the CCTV cameras are installed in the private residential complexes, the inmates and the workers need to be informed. And it is absolutely illegal to have the CCTV cameras installed in the bathrooms and changing rooms.


You never know if you are barging into the private space of your neighbors. Hence, it is important to take the official permission from the concerned authorities as well as the neighbors’ who are likely to be affected by the CCTV installations. If you are not legally bound to do so, at least for the sake of courtesy, you need to inform your neighbors in this case.


The final thing you would want to do is to look at the technical aspects required. Like for example, if you need the high clarity HD cameras, or if you want the footages in the cloud storage to enable the viewers at the remote location to watch the footages online. Generally, the footages will be saved on the local hard disk. In the case of the latter, you will have to replace the hard disk when the memory runs out. These are the aspects, which only the relevant technicians can help you out with.

Though we have covered the basic steps to consider, as a quick reference for CCTV installations, we urge you to approach the technicians in the niche sector of CCTV cameras. We at Techno Edge Solutions LLC are one of the best service and support providers in the area for the CCTV camera installations in Dubai. Get in touch today at +971-54-4653108 or Email us

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