Installing CCTV cameras in your office or house premises will help in warding off some potential thieves and vandals assuring permanent safety for your property. People rely on this CCTV so much, and it is okay to do that because they are highly effective. However, one thing that people tend to ignore and take grated is the maintenance of their CCTV.

Without proper maintenance of CCTV, you are putting it and your property in danger. You have to get the CCTV Maintenance Dubai done now and then so that you can solve the property related issues with ease. Here are some of the things that you need to know about CCTV maintenance.

CCTV Maintenance Dubai

Check the Camera Lens

Now, this is the first and foremost thing that you have to see. Make sure that your CCTV camera is doing its job and there is no issue with it. Firstly, check the camera lens. Whether it is focused properly on the perimeter or not matters, make sure that the camera angle is intact and you are able to see the property perimeter clearly without any hassle. If you find any dust or marks present on the camera lens, get rid of it. Check the motion detectors; use your controllers to see your lens is working perfectly with zooming, panning and etc.


Wiring is where most of the CCTV cameras are affected. Check your wiring now and then to see if they are subjected to any wear and tear. Issues with the wiring may hamper sound and picture, causing it to distort. So, make sure to get the wiring checked during your CCTV maintenance in Dubai.

Recording Equipment

Check your monitors and other recording equipment occasionally. They have to show a clear picture with the best brightness and color adjustments. Go through all the wiring, switches, and recording equipment as a part of your CCTV maintenance Dubai. Clean recording equipment will ease a lot of tasks for you. You can use a microfiber cloth along with a mild cleaning solution to clean the monitors and screens.

Best CCTV Maintenance Service Provider in Dubai

It is essential to hire an organization on which you can rely on your CCTV maintenance as it is of utmost importance. One such organization that can offer reliable CCTV maintenance in Dubai is Techno Edge System LLC. From installation to maintenance, they can take care of everything for you. Visit for more details and to book a maintenance appointment.

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