Security plays a vital role in the daily activities of businesses. The safety of the employees and the infrastructure is an essential factor.

The continuous monitoring of the premises for the safety and security of its residents is essential. A CCTV camera setup provides comprehensive and continuous monitoring within the premises.

The installation and setup of the CCTV camera needs expertise for its efficient use.

There are two ways to use a CCTV camera:

  •  A CCTV camera serves as a standalone solution or for viewing through the web, where the recordings of the activities are captured and stored for future reference.
  •  The other way to use a CCTV camera is to troubleshoot, set up, and configure the cameras to their network scheme.


CCTV camera installation Dubai

How to configure and set up CCTV cameras into the network?

The first step is to change the PC network settings to a temporary address. This allows the user to change the IP address of the camera to an IP address that is compatible with the network.

  •  Open network settings-> Change adapter options-> Click on the Properties option
  •  Inside the Internet Protocol Version 4 select the “Use the following IP address” button
  •  Set the computer’s IP address to a compatible IP address
  •  Click OK
  •  The computer is now set up to communicate on the new network and will be able to access the camera

The second step is to login to the camera and configure it for the main network scheme. The Internet Explorer will be the easiest way to access a camera without facing any compatibility issues.

  •   Open Internet Explorer
  •   Type IP address of the camera
  •   Press enter to direct the browser to the camera web interface
  •   Login to the camera using the default username and password
  •   Click on the settings tab and navigate to the IP/TCP network settings
  •   Set the camera to an IP address that is open to the main network  
  •   Set the subnet mask
  •   Set the gateway to the main network router IP address
  •   Click ‘Save’

The third step includes changing the computer network settings back to default:

  •  Repeat the same process to get back to the internet settings on the computer.
  •  Confirm that the computer now has internet or network access on the primary network.
  •  Access the camera with the IP address that was set for the camera using Internet Explorer.
  •  If the computer can now access the IP camera on the primary network, then the camera can be used for its intended purpose.

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