The number of people using the internet is increasing every day. The potential threat from people with malicious intent is equally growing. Organizations must keep the devices and data safe from hackers.

Hackers are always looking for loopholes in the security system of an organisation and misuse them for their profit.
People use the internet to view the activities at their properties from remote locations. The security cameras are connected through the internet to various devices like mobiles, PC, or laptops for allowing users to view the camera recordings. The hackers use this as a source to attack the security cameras and manipulate things in their favour.
Organizations must keep the security cameras connected through the internet safely and securely. Organizations must follow a few necessary steps to achieve this.

Security Camera Installation in Dubai

Tips to keep the Security Cameras safe from Hackers:

Buy cameras from a trusted source: The efficiency of the cameras increases when bought from a reputed company and brand. Cheap and poor-quality hardware can be harmful. The camera quality and hardware components should be of high quality else they may be vulnerable to hackers. The software design of the security cameras should also be of high quality to prevent widespread vulnerabilities.

2-factor authentication: Passwords are the first line of defence for preventing unwanted access to computers and network devices. It is essential to have unique and strong passwords for all the devices connected through the network. Using a reputable software-based password manager can be a good way to keep passwords secure and prevent them from being forgotten or lost. By changing the password every three months, you increase the security of your device and data. The 2-factor authentication system is the second line of defence that requires a separate device to allow login. Whenever a user logs into the account, a confirmation message to the other device is received to authenticate their identity. It acts as an extra layer of security.

Secured Wi-Fi access: Organisations must use a secured Wi-Fi network to connect the security cameras. It avoids the risk of being hacked. Wi-Fi routers and internet modems should be updated regularly.

Check firmware and software updates: The software and firmware updates must be checked with the security camera vendors for the system security. By regularly updating the system, you can prevent hackers from using critical vulnerabilities.

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