CCTV cameras provide a reliable surveillance system for the area where they are placed. They act as the primary source of information in the advent of any criminal activity that happens on your premises.

As technology has become more advanced, CCTV cameras have also improved with new features and security enhancements included in them.

CCTV cameras have become more efficient with the ability to connect to the internet and keep track of the activities within a building.

With advanced features increases the risk of being vulnerable and the possibility of a data leak. If hacked, CCTV cameras pose the risk of being exploited by hackers and targeted for malicious purposes

Securing CCTV NVR and DVR equipment is equally essential as CCTV cameras. The CCTV NVR and DVR store the recordings of the CCTV footage. Hence it is necessary to protect this equipment from hacking.

CCTV DVR and NVR Installations in Dubai

Ways to secure CCTV NVR and DVR:

Use a VPN (Router or Server Based VPN): The VPN is an encrypted connection to connect through various devices to the internet. The VPN provides a secure connection and protects the devices. The NVR and DVR are also secured when connected through a VPN to the network.

Keep Firmware Up to Date: Maintaining the hardware and keeping the firmware updated helps secure the NVR and DVR. The serial number, current firmware, and model number are all necessary to update the firmware. It is advised to keep the details by acquiring them from the manufacturer.  

Warranty period: Check for the warranty period of the DVR and NVR. If the warranty period is over there will be no further security updates. Choosing the latest version of a device is safe and reliable in such situations.

Do not use Default ports: Networking devices often come with their own ports. The DVR and NVR also come with ports for forwarding when VPN is not utilized. It allows you to connect remotely. It is necessary to monitor the remote connectivity as anyone who scans for ports detects the DVR and NVR posing a threat to the CCTV.

Secure passwords: The CCTV camera equipment should be secured by using a strong password that has fewer chances of being hacked. A lengthy password with special characters is safe to use. Passwords should not include personal information, common sequences, or dictionary words.

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