CCTV cameras allow us to monitor remote locations 24/7 and ensure the safety of our households and property.

IP cameras are cameras that function over an Internet Protocol. All IP cameras are wireless cameras, but not all wireless IP cameras are Wi-Fi cameras.

Functionality of IP cameras:

  •         IP cameras are wireless and can function without an active internet connection.
  •         However, a few adjustments need to be made before recording and sending the footage in the absence of an internet connection.
  •         Firstly, a hard-drive is required to store the data, as well as the NVR (Network Video Recorder). Apart from these two things a mouse and monitor are necessary to access the stored footage.
  •         The monitoring system in IP cameras involves one or more cameras, but these cameras will display footage to only a handful of private monitors.

IP Security Cameras in Dubai

Is it necessary to have an internet connection to use IP cameras?

  •         IP cameras can be used to access internet from various sources like Wi-Fi connection, SIM card- enabled wireless camera or LTE security cameras to record footage remotely.
  •         IP cameras work perfectly without an internet connection. If the system is not plugged into a router that is connected to the internet, it is not possible to view the system remotely from a smartphone or PC. For IP cameras, it is still possible to view the system using a tablet, laptop, or mobile device using Wi-Fi on-site.
  •         IP cameras require a LAN connection to function. For this setup only two devices need to be connected together in a LAN: a PC and the IP security camera.
  •         IP cameras without internet allow the 24×7 live viewing of the video recording connected to a monitor.
  •         Security camera footage may be saved on-site to an SD card or an NVR. Video may be saved in the NVR/DVR.
  •         IP cameras can function in remote locations because they use battery cellular security cameras in off-grid areas. These cameras function with the use of 3G/4G cellular networks.
  •         IP cameras recording can be used to access through encryption technology for safety and protection against interception.

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