CCTV cameras are reliable surveillance systems that keep your premises safe from unauthorized intrusion and rule out the possibility of any criminal activity.

It is necessary to maintain CCTV cameras for their efficient functioning. Maintenance of CCTV cameras requires special skills.

Every organization cannot afford to have a dedicated resource for CCTV maintenance. A reliable CCTV camera service provider offers quality service at an affordable rate to maintain the CCTV cameras.

The continued service of CCTV surveillance cameras depends on its annual maintenance service (AMC).


Services covered under the CCTV AMC:

Camera lens: The service provider checks the camera lens and removes any dust or marks present on the lens. They verify whether the camera is focused accurately and if it is covering the entire premises, the motion detectors are working efficiently with perfect zooming and panning.

Wiring: The wiring of the CCTV cameras is subject to wear and tear due to the external weather. It leads to improper picture quality and blurred image capture. A reliable service provider checks the wiring and restores the torn-out part with a new one.

Recording equipment: The CCTV footage is stored on the recording equipment that stores the data and is used to view when needed. It is necessary to check the proper functioning of the recording equipment during an AMC. The service provider examines the wiring, switches, monitors, and recording equipment. The images stored should be clear and bright.

Things to look for in a reliable CCTV AMC provider:

Reliability: The service provider should have relevant experience in maintaining CCTV cameras. They should have the expertise to fix any issue with the CCTV cameras.

Regular service: The service provider should offer timely and regular maintenance checks for the CCTV cameras during the AMC.  

Contract: The CCTV AMC should be valid for a fixed time with the option to extend it if the need arises.

Wide range of services: The CCTV AMC should include a wide range of services like Camera Visibility Test, DVR Recording Test, DVR Settings Verification, and Disk Error Check.

Quality spare parts: A reliable service provider replaces the damaged parts with quality spare parts.

Techno Edge Systems LLC provides advanced technology solutions for CCTV AMC Service UAE.

We offer the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for keeping your CCTV cameras in good working condition.

Our trained technicians offer regular check-ups and ensure the proper functioning of the CCTV cameras. We use quality spare parts while replacing the damaged ones.

Investing in CCTV camera AMC from us will keep you free of any worries and ensure a reliable surveillance system within your premises.

Our CCTV AMC services come with flexible contracts having the option of extending the contract period if necessary.

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