Surveillance Closed-circuit Television cameras are video cameras used for observing the targeted area from a distance on a set of monitors by means of an electronic device or IP network. Hotels being the hotspot for threats from thieves, CCTV surveillance system in place makes the guest feel comforted and carefree.

Video surveillance round the clock:-

Benefits of monitoring the spacious premises and busy lobbies of Hotels:

1. Gain the trust of quests: You can prevent crimes or thefts before it takes place simply by installing a visible camera at the entrance, front desk, and lobbies. This would keep the intrusion of burglars at bay and thus will deter any criminal activities within the Hotel. Essentially the guest will feel safe and secured environment and eventually you will seek their trust.


CCTV Surveillance in Dubai


2. Monitoring and direction: Surveillance is the monitoring of activities and gathering information to aid efficient management and direction of the sizeable staff.

Real-time CCTV Surveillance:

3. Analysis of footage: In an undetermined circumstance of the crime, analysis of footage to collect evidence becomes easier by automated software that organizes digital video footage into a searchable database and by video analysis software (such as VIRAT and Human ID). The amount of footage is also drastically reduced by motion sensors which only record when motion is detected.

4. Track staff and vendor check-ins and check-outs: If it is always beneficial to keep a track record of your staff coming in and checking out of your premises, housekeeping staff offering room services to the guests when deliveries are made as well as on visitors entering your hotel premises.

5. Curb Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment and employee-related cases are real threats in today’s work environment in spite of the strict laws against such cases. CCTV surveillance round the clock in the premises imbibes consciousness amongst every one thus deterring the occurrence of such circumstances to a large extent.

6. Scale down security costs: The no of heads as security personnel can be reduced at large with the inclusion of a CCTV surveillance system in the entire premises. More than one area can be covered and monitored by a single person via a single monitor which effectively cuts down on the overall security costs.

Security guard manning the premises:

Thus you are able to keep an eye on minute happenings within the hotel throughout the day and ensure that all the activities are under surveillance and according to rules and regulations. With the emerging threats to hotel safety, possessing a powerful surveillance system has become is seen as one of the amenities by the guests that the hotel should have to choose as the destination of their choice.

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