We provide customized CCTV camera installations for industrial and domestic use in Dubai.

We deploy the security cameras with a one and only purpose- invincible security within the premises. There are, however, a large number of other benefits of security camera installations like the improved productivity, catching the criminals red-handed, understanding the behavioral patterns of the suspects; added to the long list of advantages is the security alert system through facial recognition. The security alert system through facial recognition actually helps in preventing the crime as against taking the action after the crime is committed. At Techno Edge Systems, we provide Security Camera Installations in Dubai for domestic and industrial use.


Security Camera Installations in Dubai

Benefits of deploying a facial tracking system through security camera installations

1. Deters Crime: As already mentioned, the facial recognition system alerts the owner of any unwarranted intrusion by an outsider. The system basically alerts if it is unable to match the intruder’s records with the ones already stored in the database. This helps in avoiding the crime and also helps in catching the intruder red-handed to discourage such incidents.

2. Helps as evidence: The face detection CCTV cameras also help in collecting the evidence. These cameras are basically better at recognizing the faces than the normal surveillance cameras.

3. Improves productivity: Upgrading your surveillance cameras to the face detection cameras can also help in understanding the faces better. This way, the system can send you alert when a person is present in an unwanted place. You do not have to keep an eye on every region of the businesses as the system will automatically detect any unusual activity.

4. More accurate records: The accuracy of the facial recognition cameras are by far improving especially with the 3D facial recognition technologies. The alert system basically helps even in the case, if there is no one to keep an eye on the daily activities in every corner of the premises.

5. Avoids Time Fraud: With the normal surveillance cameras, the employees are outsmarting the devices by using a similar looking buddy-friend to replace him during the work hours to make up for his absence. However, with the face recognition cameras, this time fraud businesses can be completely ruled out as the devices are more apt to facial recognition and can easily detect any fraud.

At Techno Edge Systems, we provide the latest CCTV camera installation for businesses and domestic use. Talk to our technicians for the tailor-made security camera installations for your premises at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website www.cctinstallationdubai.ae for more information.

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