Security is an important aspect to ensure that individuals, premises, and valuables are safe and protected.

A reliable CCTV Camera installation provides the overall monitoring of the premises and ensures the safety of the individuals and valuables within it.

The CCTV Camera installed in business organisations helps increase productivity, restrict unauthorized entry, and safeguard the infrastructure.

They serve as proof of a crime in case of any untoward incidents and to gather facts concerning issues that may arise in the office.

A CCTV Camera installed acts as a crime deterrent, keeps a check on anti-social elements. It helps in monitoring high-risk areas.

The video footage stored can be used as evidence of any crime or trespassing that occurs in the surroundings.

There are various types of CCTV Cameras installed in organisations or individual properties.


CCTV Camera installations in Dubai

CCTV Cameras commonly installed:

IP Cameras: IP cameras offer fast and high-quality video and images of the happenings of the surroundings.  Digital IP cameras are advanced technology surveillance cameras with better resolution, image quality, and clarity. They are the digitized version of CCTV cameras with a multi-user support feature. The image generated through IP Cameras is from digital data, unlike an Analog camera. It is transmitted directly over the network and thus can be viewed on any number of devices. It is possible to view the data displayed by different cameras simultaneously.

Analog Cameras: These are the traditional CCTV Cameras where the video and images are stored in a digital video recorder. The Analog Cameras are mostly preferred for intrusion detection applications and alarm assessment purposes. They are the preferred choice for their low-maintenance cost and ease of use.

HDCVI Cameras: High Definition Composite Video interface is an independent technology capable of transmitting High Definition Video over standard coaxial cable. It provides a much better image and video quality than an Analog camera. CCTV Cameras equipped with HDCVI can transmit audio and video via cable from a DVR.  

Based on the usage CCTV cameras are available in different types:

  •         Dome camera
  •         Bullet camera
  •         C-Mount camera
  •         Day/Night camera

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