A reliable surveillance system is an essential factor for organisations. Having the best surveillance system helps in keeping the premises safe and also to avoid any untoward incident within the organisation.

CCTV camera technology has evolved and is available with enhanced features. An updated CCTV camera system helps to keep the premises safe and restricts intruders into the premises.

There are various types of CCTV cameras available in the market. Choosing the one that best fits your needs is necessary to achieve complete security.

Security Camera Installation Dubai

Tips to Choose the Right Security Camera:

Purpose: Access the actual purpose of the security camera installation. Using discreet cameras are used for monitoring large areas where the movement of the people is more. It helps to monitor every detail and offer an enhanced security. On the other hand, the cameras that are obvious help to deter any criminal activity by antisocial elements. Any person with malicious intent defers from doing so with the fear of being caught.

Position: The latest technology cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors. Choose a security camera that works best at the place where it is installed. The camera placed indoor should be efficient in working in dim light and in dark places, whereas an outdoor security camera should be able to withstand all weather conditions like extreme cold, rain, and hot summers.

Access the size of the area to be covered: Having a clear idea of the area to be covered by the CCTV camera helps in choosing the right security camera. The PTZ cameras work in large areas with a larger range and ability to zoom on a particular activity.

Resolution: The size of the area to be monitored determines the resolution of the camera. Larger spaces like a retail outlet need a higher resolution camera, whereas, an office conference needs a low resolution camera.

Lighting conditions: Choosing a camera based on the lighting available in the area helps to get a clear and view of the activities. There a range of latest technologies for light filtering such as IR filters and artificial illuminators that amplify or reduce the amount of light reaching a sensor, creating clear images during day and night.

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Our expert technicians use high-quality equipment for installing the CCTV cameras at your premises. We have complete knowledge of the various security cameras and suggest with the right kind of camera to suit your surveillance needs.

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