Keep your outdoors/indoors secure through proper planning

Now that you have decided to go ahead with the security camera installations, the next steps are to find the best locations to place the CCTV cameras for optimum results. As it turns out that once the decision is taken, you directly head to buying the necessary equipment. However, the ideal planning should be involved, like preparing the checklist of all the strategic locations for placing the security cameras and then moving forward with the plan. Also, another factor to consider is whether you would like to opt for wired or wireless security cameras. At Techno Edge Systems, we can help you with all kinds of Security camera installations in Dubai for indoor and outdoor use.

Security Camera Installation Dubai

Where to place the Security Cameras indoors/outdoors?

Placing the cameras in the wrong places can make your effort virtually useless. First, you need to identify the areas that need the most security, the high-security zones like covering the primary entry/exit points, all the vulnerable places in the office/residence, garage, corridor, and so on. As a general rule, the security cameras should be facing downwards to give it more scope for movement, however, that is not the case with the dome cameras.

Tips for making outdoor Security Camera Installations

1. Backlighting and lens flare:

Backlighting causes the almost white image or circles and dots in the footage, which is the result of the backlight which creeps in due to the sun, street light, or any other light.

Tip: The security camera should face away from the direct sunlight.

2. Place your security cameras high enough:

While placing the security camera outdoor, utmost care has to be taken in placing the camera at an optimum level; placing the CCTV camera too high on the roof can spoil the clarity of the footage captured. Also, it should not be placed too low as well so that no outsider can tamper with the camera or block the view.

3. Strong Wi-Fi signal:

This point is for the Wi-Fi security camera, which works only if the Wi-Fi signal is strong.

Tip: The Wi-Fi should be especially strong surrounding the camera for a clear, focused image quality.

4. Abide by Privacy policies:

One has to be extra careful in abiding by the privacy policies related to security camera installations.

Tip: In spite of no concrete set of rules, it is ethical to let the neighbors know of the placement of the security cameras if their privacy is being compromised.

5. Hidden or visible security camera:

Another million dollar question worth pondering is should the security camera be hidden or visible to the potential culprits who might be planning a crime.

Tip: According to a study, the burglars do not involve in crime if they spot a visible security camera on the premises than not spotting one. An ideal solution would be making use of the mix of visible and hidden cameras on the premises for best results and coverage.

For invincible security camera installations on the premises, a proper planning and choosing the ideal security camera are the only ways to achieve maximum security. We at Techno Edge Systems, can help you out with the most complicated security camera installations in Dubai, contact us at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website for more information.

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