IP camera is a digital video security camera that sends and receives videos or still images over a computer network. The images and videos are recorded with a Network Video recorder or with a Video management system.

IP security cameras provide the convenience of monitoring the activities in an area from any remote location on a mobile or computer.

IP cameras are available in two variants – wireless and wired versions. The wireless IP cameras can be placed anywhere within the premises without having the cables spread all over the place.

IP Security Camera Installation Services in Dubai

Benefits of IP CCTV Camera Installations:

  •         IP CCTV cameras are easy to install. They require less wiring and can easily integrate with the already existing wiring within the organisation. The IP cameras can be easily fixed by using converters and extenders.
  •         The IP cameras come with a higher resolution when compared to an analog camera. It is 6 to 20 times higher than the analog cameras. The higher resolution helps to cover larger and wider viewing areas providing maximum coverage area.
  •         The IP cameras are reliable and scalable. They provide the flexibility of easy relocation and management.
  •         Future upgrades can be easily implemented in an IP-based recording system since it truly supports network-based propagation.
  •         The data is recorded in digital format in an IP security camera. This data can be accessed from either a mobile or web for continuous monitoring of the activities.
  •         The recordings are in the encrypted format and authenticated resulting in the secured transmission of videos and images.
  •         IP cameras work efficiently even during the night owing to their night vision feature.
  •         Email and SMS alert is sent to the user of the activities of an IP CCTV security camera.
  •         IP security cameras can be placed all along with the premises without much hassle and can be used to monitor the entire premises from any remote location.
  •         The IP security cameras allow operators and security staff to view remote locations without the need for separate monitors. Operators can visually monitor any part of the entire operational facility using camera controls.
  •         IP security cameras are higher in cost but when compared to the overall cabling, installation, equipment, and labour charges for installation, IP security cameras are a cost-effective solution. They are more durable and provide ease of access for monitoring the area.

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Our expert technicians install the cameras with expertise to ensure a fully secured surveillance system within the organisation.

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