Intro to CCTV:

CCTV DVR and NVR installation Dubai – We all know what CCTVs are. They are the cameras which are set up in various places to monitor activity going on in the area. However, CCTVs are one part of a larger system that is visible to people on the outside. There are also various parts which are hidden from public view to which the entire CCTV setup of a particular place is connected. If we think about it, it is a logical answer, but still, most people don’t realize it. One of them is the display screen where the live stream of the cameras is shown, and this is something which most people are again aware of. The elusive parts which most people don’t see are called video recorders for CCTV. They do exactly what the name suggests. They allow you to record the activities captured on the cameras and store it for whatever duration you see fit.


CCTV DVR and NVR installation Dubai


These recorders are of two types- DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) and NVR ( Network Video Recorder )
At Techno Edge Systems LLC, we perform CCTV DVR and NVR installation Dubai for our customers and feel it is our job to educate you regarding the various types of recorders available with us. Read further to know the difference between ( Digital Video Recorder ) and NVR ( Network Video Recorder ). While both of them are essentially involved in recording, the procedure varies drastically. Here are the differences:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR):

– They are used with analog cameras. This is the major area of cost saving in this system. DVR systems stream the signal to the recorder where the images are processed.
– DVR systems are priced lower than NVR systems due to being an older technology. Also, the type of cameras you can use are lesser compared to NVR.
– They use a coaxial BNC cable that is an older technology again and does not provide power to the camera simultaneously. Hence, 2 wires are required to run the system. Plus, the cables are thick and not- flexible which creates other challenges as well.
– At longer ranges, the signal of the coaxial cable starts to reduce which affect the image quality.

Network Video Recorder (NVR):

– It uses digital IP cameras which have much better resolution and image quality.
– The image/ video processing occurs in a chip which is present in the camera itself. So processing occurs before the data reaches the recorder.
– It uses an Ethernet cable which is flexible, provides power to the camera as well and is capable of transmitting higher quality signals as well, which improves quality.
– There is no need for a physical connection, and a common wireless network is good enough to transmit images and video to the recorder.


The two types of recorders are quite different, and which one you choose depends upon several factors. To help you decide, Techno Edge Systems LLC can provide CCTV DVR and NVR installation in Dubai at the best prices!

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