CCTV cameras provide a reliable monitoring system for organisations to safeguard their assets and employees.

Like all other devices and infrastructure components, it is necessary to regularly check for the proper functioning of the CCTV cameras within the organisation.

An annual maintenance contract for CCTV cameras ensures their regular check-up and proper working.

Benefits of annual maintenance contract for CCTV cameras:

  •         The CCTV cameras should be clean and focused and provide the recording properly.
  •         Regular maintenance of the CCTV cameras helps in having an effective surveillance system and in perfect working condition.

CCTV Camera AMC in Dubai

  •         Fine dust and humidity present in the air form a thin layer on the camera lens. This blurs the image and degrades the recording quality. A reliable service provider maintains a clean lens and ensures its clarity.
  •         Fine dust and humidity combine to form a sticky layer around the various internal parts of a CCTV camera. This obstructs the proper movement of the fans, used to cool the internal parts. It may result in causing a short circuit in the electrical wiring of the CCTV cameras due to heating issues.
  •         CCTV cameras are generally wall-mounted. Over a period, the screws holding the CCTV cameras may become loose. It is necessary to check they are intact to avoid the CCTVs from falling. A reliable service provider ensures the mounting poles are corrosion-free and all the glands are water-tight.
  •         The outdoor CCTV cameras may get dislodged or their original direction is moved due to birds sitting on them, any mishandling of the cameras, construction work done on the premises, or extreme weather conditions. For such issues, the AMC services of a reliable service provider ensure placing the cameras in their original position.
  •         The CCTV cabling needs to be checked for any breakages or loose hanging wires. The broken or damaged wires need to be covered with duct tape to provide proper insulation. Regular maintenance of the CCTV cameras helps identify any such issues and resolve them immediately. 
  •         The proper functioning of the control room is necessary to have continuous monitoring of the area. A reliable service provider checks the functioning of various CCTV cameras installed in the area and if the footage received from them is clear and uninterrupted. This helps in a robust surveillance system and restricts unauthorised intrusion into the premises.

CCTV Camera AMC in Dubai from Techno Edge Systems LLC provides hassle-free maintenance of the CCTV cameras at regular intervals.

We use the right tools and advanced technologies to give an efficient maintenance system for the CCTV cameras of your organisation.

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