Abandoned Object CCTV cameras promise better security on premises

We all agree to the fact that the CCTV camera technology is a boon to mankind. It has been proved in many instances that placing CCTV cameras not only helps in nailing the culprits of the crime but also aids in crime prevention. In another step towards crime prevention is the advent of the abandoned object detection which is basically a proactive measure to deal with unwarranted terror strikes. At Techno Edge Systems, we provide the latest CCTV camera installation in Dubai for maximum security of your domestic or business premises.

CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai

Advantages of abandoned object detection CCTV camera installations

With the increasing terror strikes across the world, it is imperative to come up with a foolproof technology that can nip the terror attacks before they occur. And, the abandoned object detection CCTV cameras are the ray of hope in that direction.

Listed below are the advantages of making the latest abandoned object detection CCTV camera installations

Decreases human dependency: We all know that humans are fallible to making errors. Moreover, the controller in the CCTV station cannot be deployed 24/7 to detect the crime in time to stop it. This CCTV camera is not only able to detect the suspicious activity in time but also alerts the controller of the probable crime.

• Fool-proof detection: This abandoned object detection technology is quite reliable as a threshold time is set before an object is considered abandoned. If the object is determined to be abandoned for a longer stretch than the stipulated time, the alarm of the CCTV camera in the station gets activated.

• Eradication of crime: The objective of the automated surveillance is to make the world a lot safer place to live in. Installations of such abandoned object detection CCTV camera installations in Airports, in front of ATMs, and all public places can help in complete eradication of crime.

• Helps in lost baggage recovery: At times, it is possible to lose our belongings due to human negligence, especially during travel. It usually takes many days to recover the lost baggage. However, with the latest automated CCTV camera installations at the strategic locations, can help in detecting the lost belongings within a matter of minutes.

Though the technology is in the nascent stage of development, the experts believe that the abandoned object detection CCTV camera installations can be the future of crime prevention.

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