Strategic placement of surveillance cameras is the key for a safe environment

No matter what, you should never take security for granted. Be it your residential property or your business, keeping it safe and secure is your fundamental responsibility. As the age-old adage says better be safe than sorry, making the CCTV Camera Installations is the surest way to secure your premises. While arriving at the decision to have the surveillance cameras installed is the first step towards creating a protected environment, the steps that follow are equally important. We are talking about none other than the strategic placement of the CCTV cameras. At Techno Edge Systems, we create a foolproof plan to keep your building safe and sound through impenetrable CCTV camera installations in Dubai.

CCTV Camera Installation Dubai

In this blog, let’s discuss the 6 important areas where the security at home cannot be overlooked assuming your building to be independent.

1. Secure the outdoors/perimeter/corridors:

The first entry point for the trespassers would be the home exteriors. Deployment of several surveillance cameras to give a 360° view of the premises will keep the unwarranted interference at bay.

2. Keep the Front door covered:

The next place to have the CCTV camera placed is, of course, the front door. A peephole might give you the confidence to open the front door without any fear, but the unwanted activities that take place when nobody is noticing can only be tapped with the help of the security cameras.

3. Cams for child protection:

When you leave your kid at home under the care of the nanny or a caretaker, a part of you remains with the child. Placing the hidden cameras which resembles like any other common object in the background helps you to get the real-time footage of how well your child is taken care of.

4. Cameras right on the garage:

Garages are highly theft prone zones which often go under-monitored. These are often the places where the potential thieves gain entrance into the building.

Placing a visible camera on the top of the garage entrance can give you an unhindered view of any possible theft being planned.

5. Security cameras for any other entrances:

Front doors are rarely used by the thieves to gain access to the building. They usually attempt to enter the building by means of the other entrances which are less secure like the rear door, windows, and basement doors. Placing the surveillance cameras at every point of building entrance is a sure shot way to keep your building secure.

6. Keep a watch at the pool and kids play areas:

While you have the building completely secure, you do not want to expose your kids to any kind of threat when they are in the play area outside the house or in the swimming pool. Placing the security cameras in those areas will help you enjoy your life in peace when your young kids are playing outside.

While these were our suggestions, feel free to talk to our technicians to keep your home protected 24/7 by having the CCTV camera installations in Dubai. Contact us at +971-54-4653108 or visit our website for more information.

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