A CCTV camera provides complete surveillance of the area where it is installed. The CCTV setup consists of the cameras and the DVR stores the recordings of the CCTV. These recordings can be viewed on a TV or monitor to keep track of the activities in the surroundings.

However, the installation of the CCTV and the DVR needs expertise for efficient output.

Steps to Install HD CCTV Camera and DVR:

The most significant part of CCTV installation is choosing the right places to mount the CCTV camera for maximum efficiency.

Camera mounting: Drill and fix it. Ensure that the screws are tight and that the camera is not hanging loose. Connect the power cable of the camera to the socket.

HD CCTV DVR and NVR Installation Dubai

Placing the DVR: The DVR of the CCTV camera stores all the video recordings of the CCTV. It is necessary to keep the DVR away from the reach of intruders for safety. For safety and to avoid mishandling by unauthorized parties, it is recommended that the DVR is stored inside a locked box.

Cables: The wiring of the CCTV should be arranged neatly with wire mouldings to keep the wiring safe. Any dangling wire may lead to damage to the cables connected to the CCTV camera and disrupt the video recordings. Wiring should also be kept neat and uniform from the DVR to the cameras, without obstructions.

Connecting the wires: The video cable is connected via a BNC port. Remove the outer covering of the video cable and insert the exposed cables into the BNC port and screw the crimping barrel. This makes a secure connection. Connect the DVR output port to the screen on which the video recording is viewed.  

Switch on the DVR and camera: Turn on the camera, display, and DVR. Setup the DVR according to the instructions given in the user manual. Check the video display and make sure each camera recording is working properly. 

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