Wireless security cameras are many the closed-circuit television cameras that work in transmitting audio or a video signal to a receiver, which is wireless with the help of a radio band. There are various types off a security camera, and Wireless security cameras are one of them which help in the security of your home and office. The wireless security camera is not exposed to power outages like the normal wired camera.

Wireless Security Camera Systems can also work without the internet; it can provide you surveillance in many places like farm, office, home, and many others are without the help of the internet. It can provide you with recording without the internet and has many benefits. Wireless Security Cameras in Dubai.

Wireless Security Cameras in Dubai

Various advantages and disadvantages of wireless security camera are: –


• Flexible – The wireless camera is very flexible as you can place the camera at any location you want to without worrying about the wiring process. The wireless can also be programmed at your desire as there are many settings available.

• Easy accessibility – The wireless camera is very useful as you can access the camera from any place. It also helps you to check the feeds anytime, as it has the advanced access control feature.

• No wires – The best part of the camera is that it requires very less or no wires and cables to install. This camera can easily be wall-mounted at your place; the no wire technology makes the installation of the product easier and can be installed in very little time.

• Secured and good quality footage – the wireless camera provides you with secured and good quality footage. It comes with an alarm monitoring service and has the feature of automatic saving of data to the clods. The automatic backup feature is very useful because if your camera is damaged also then your data are safe in the cloud.


• Limitation – The basic disadvantage of this camera is that it can only capture and monitor a limited area, and the camera angle can easily change. This is the major drawback of the wireless camera.

• Hacking – another basic disadvantage of a wireless security camera is that it has a high risk of being hacked by hackers. This camera can easily be hacked because it is connected to a network.

The wireless camera is very helpful as security is the basic requirement of the people all around. You can get more information about this product on the website: www.cctvinstallationdubai.ae & Techno Edge System LLC.

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